Infratel’s ClickConnect™ Service, Facebook’s New Small Biz Site, and the latest from Apple [Video]

| July 23, 2012

Seattle-based, Infratel, officially introduced their latest ClickConnect™ service at this year’s HostingCon 2012, which gathered in Boston. Looking to bridge the gap between website visitors and businesses even further, the cloud based system allows people to place toll-free calls directly through participating sites at the click of a button. This feature can also be applied to Facebook pages in the form of a “call-me-now” button, which like the ClickConnect™ service connects visitors directly to a pre-established phone number through a pop-up web dialer. Focused on providing small businesses with the communication tools of the future, this independent and privately held company offers products designed to fully enhance contact centers by linking leads to sales reps and support teams in real time.

In other news, Facebook has augmented its Facebook for Business website to better serve its growing small business community. Geared toward smaller to mid-sized businesses, the changes include the addition of an advertiser best practices guide along with more in-depth advertising tutorials, the latest information on product launches and even success stories. They’ve also thrown in some great small business quick tips for good measure, which include things like mixing up your page content with pics and videos, listing your business hours, utilizing tools like Page Insights to perform market research on your fans, and pushing for promoted posts. If you’re wondering why now, it’s because Facebook and small businesses have really blossomed into a relationship akin to zombies and cannibalism, they are just so peanut butter and jelly, the Bay Area’s Broadway and road rage. In fact, in a recent survey of close to 2000 small businesses performed by the company Constant Contact, it was found that 96 percent of those surveyed are using Facebook as a marketing tool and 86 percent of them are benefiting from it.

Turning to the Bunyanesque, Brobdingnagian behemoth that is APPLE, currently in the process of building their “spaceship” campus that will be bigger than the Pentagon, according to the latest the up and coming releases of the tablet and iPhone persuasions will be taking the road heftily traveled and going smaller and slimmer respectively. While Apple has declined to comment, the word is that the newest iPad installment will feature a 7.85 inch screen designed to lure in those seeking tablet variety into the iPad product family with its smaller size and increasingly competitive price. Apple is expected to make a formal announcement later this year.

iPhone 5 rumors have been circling the wagons for many months now, but the one that seems to be ringing true is that the new iPhones will incorporate in-cell technology into its screens, which integrates touch sensors into the LCD making separate touch screens obsolete. The new screen will be thinner by half a millimeter and have a higher quality display. A thinner screen will either make the unit slimmer or free up space for other components like batteries. Many are expecting a fall roll out of the iPhone 5.

By K. Cameron Lau

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